Sunday, December 14, 2008

And we're back!

When I left home this morning, the moon was still up. C'est horrible.

My beloved coffee shop made it a bit better with all the coffee n xmas decorations n all..

Anyways, hope that you guys enjoy ur first day back!

Be productive :p

- to cute lil gingerbread people ;p xx

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nyxxie said...

9ba7 elkheeeir <3 cuteness in the box!

Stand-Alone~ said...

Good Morning.. *yawns*
Such a lazy day... So not in the mood to work!

Delly said...

im really not in the mood of getting back to work! i want to sleeeeeeeeeeep! :p

Nemo said...

*ana nayma*

miss-informed said...

It's too cold to get out :[

sadia said...

i'm glad i'm taking a break from work....

Ansam said...

yummy.... ginger bread man cookies?

Fastidious Babe said...

nyxxie: 9baa7 il ward XD

Stand alone: when i got up il9b7 i had a heart-sink-y feeling, not good.

Delly: WE ALL DO! lol

Nemo: noam il3awafee :P

miss informed: it was FREEZING il9b7!

sadia: enjoy it while it lasts babe xx

Ansam: yeah! they were good too! x