Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Did u ever get nail polish on ur purse? Is acetone good on leather?

I think i just ruined my bag..

Tell me if u have a clue on what to do! xx
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Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Noooooo it's terrible. It is very aggressive. If you must, use a very gentle kind of acetone-free nail polish remover - I would personally recommend Sephora's nail polish remover the one with nurturing oil. Use it carefully with a cotton bud. Good luck!!

Miss-Informed said...

I wouldn't do anything myself. If its an expensive or favorite bag, I usually take it to the shop itself and demand fixing service. I did it twice in the UK and it worked fine. Let them take a look at it, they should give you an idea on how to clean it before giving up entirely or doing something that might just ruin it for good. Good luck.

Fastidious Babe said...

sham3at al jillas and Miss-informed: i decided to take it to the boutique.. whenever im gonna get round to doing that,that is! was looking for a quick fix tho! lol its kinda what got me in this situation to start with, couldnt wait for the nail polish to dry :P patience is a virtue indeed lol, thanx babes! xxx

Ansam said...

I second Sham3at Al Jillas
they sell those at boots as well but I guess all DIY will result in your bag change in color or so, o lil asaf ma 3indina in the region professional leather technicians :-S

Taking it to the boutique is a smart move... good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

please update us if the boutique fix it and how....I already stained my GranTurismo's seat with a nail polish..:(

Fastidious Babe said...

Well the boutique can't do anything, its caviar leather and i was advised to gently tap it with acetone free nail polish remover (as sham3at al jillas suggested).. Still did not try it though..

Latifa S said...


When i was 10, i saved up and bought my first LV backpack - which i still have- 1 drop of nailpolish remover ruined the strap. Being the perfectionist that I was (past tense). I got so annoyed that i nver carried the bag gain.

the Lv monogramed part is canvas, but the strap looks leather-ish. I wouldn't experiment on a bag i like. .. unless u wanna personalise it and create nail-art-polish illustratios on it, now thats a different story. aurevoire.

Fastidious Babe said...

the sales lady at chanel told me to use acetone free nail polish remover.. and the leather is kinda stronger than the strap in LV.. its more textured..