Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Qu'est-ce qu'on a aimé cette anneé?

Elle Jan 09

Every year, my obsessions fade into the past except for those cherished items that make it to my closet! This year, however, I have my blog (with pics!) to remind me of all the eye candy i lusted over those past seasons.. which is kinda cool! Kinda acts as a baseline for my fashion sense lol

Last year I remember my summer gladiators, romantic ruffles, cardigan craze, getting waisted (skinny and big belts were all over the place), plaid (yes plaid), Balmain's Bling, lace! (i love love loved that trend), the gossip girl head band.. everything bowtastic (always and forever).. mmm to name a few!

Amids the financial crisis, trends did not cease to emerge..
Shoe trends.. detailed heels then not so much of a heel (a la marc jacobs).. the open toed bootie.. Cut-outs..
Patterns..plaids..florals.. echo-friendly fabric.. and organic makeup.. shimmery eyeshadow.. black nails..the round mascara..the vibrating mascara.. the oxygen facial..the 24 k gold facial..multi-tasking makeup..
Big bags, ankle bags, tiny clutches, mega clutches.. it goes on and on and on..

So.. What trends did u absolutely love this year? Or maybe there was a trend that got on your bad side (black lips, par example?) lol

Whatever it is.. DO TELL!

- to outlasting the trends ;) xx


Even Sweeter said...

First whohoo!! ;p

A Journal Entry said...

for me it was definately the blazer!

Even Sweeter said...

Hot trends...
Vintage,Oversized cluthes, Platforms, Feather dresses and Blazers,plaid oversized shirts and yeah Blair head bands!! oow and the boyfriend jeans ;p

Mi said...

That cardigan craaze! Ugh! It was such a waste of fashion resources >_<

Anonymous said...

That'd be bows, headbands, and ruffles <3

Love the new look by the way :D
Happy new year!

Aljoud said...

bows, bows and more bows,
skinny belts,
and everything patent :p

Fastidious Babe said...

Even sweeter :P lol

A journal entry: ah the boyfriend blazer? XD

Even Sweeter: hot hot and hot! lol

Mi: I KNOW REMEMBER?! bes i do wear them now.. u know i freeze to death kl yoam il9b7 right?

Pinkish: glad u do! happy new year to u too x

Aljoud: oh i had a passion for patent fall 07! everything from shoes to belts to bags lol this year though i stuck with a single patent pump XD

Delly said...

umm... bows, headbands, oversized sweaters, floral dresses, vintage, bracelets, nude make-up, eyeliner, cardigans.. and the list goes on and on..

hey speaking of the economic crises,, when will cartier lower their prices?? chena ma9akhooha?! tara e9lakhoona 3ad!! :@ loool

Fastidious Babe said...

Delly: braaaceletsSSS! i forgot about them! definitely 08 will be remembered as the year of bracelets in my books lol As for Cartier.. and all other brands.. i read that they are "Considering 09 fashion cautiously because of the financial situation" but thats just about RTW!

I don't think jewelers are included :P

Delly said...

hey emballa.. i think braclects are still in!.. i still love mine :/.. u know when u wear those bow bracelets.. http://www.rachelleigh.com/view_item.php?id=972

Anonymous said...

Over-sized clutches, maxi dresses and anything purple.

I recently saw a few people sporting a tiny very thin plain golden bracelet that's fitted and does not move when you move your hand/arm, and has a single charm. I dunno if it has a name or where I can get one, but it is very elegant.

Love the fashionista blog btw.

Aljoud said...

Cartier did lower their prices 20% since last week I think..
thats what they've told us at Dubai Mall ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

Delly: cute! <3

Anon: I totally forgot about my plum phase! lol purple was big this year indeed xx

Aljoud: for real? If that's the case then I would probably wait a couple more months.. might even drop lower! X

Anonymous said...

From this year to not repeat next year: Big pouty hot pink fuschia lips, poufy hair in the front, blue birkins, showing off your blackberry ( I mean showing it off!), black nailpolish, cartier bracelets on men,
to name a few..