Monday, December 29, 2008

Our lil ritual

Once a week my friend and I have this soothing ritual.. It kinda grew on us..

We go to our special spot.. Where the coffee is good, the weather fabulous, and the scenery serene..

We just sit there and feel the negative energy flow out.. (Just like Dharma's bubble, if you ever watched that show)..

Its not your usual dinner with a friend.. Its what she calls "mental yoga".. Its very healthy.. And gives you that boost you need to get through the week..

In our profession, if you don't rid yourself from residual emotional baggage (which piles up with every patient you see) it can pretty much screw up your personal life..

So that is how we deal with it..

How do you deal with stress? What with the economy, the situation in the arab world and our own personal dilemmas..

How do you drain it out of your system?

- to emotional detox xx
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PaLoMiNo said...

1st :D

PaLoMiNo said...

amazing dont stop doing that :) I wish i had a good friend i can do this with ;x

i deal with stress through yoga & I meditate, or simply pamper myself bel spa ;D

Mi said...

Exercising, photo shooting and creating art work are my mental escapes... but nothing beats a family gathering and sharing the good laughs with friends.

sadia said...

wow! sounds like soooooo much fun.
i remember dharma's
what i do is i make dua and watch

Fastidious Babe said...

PaLoMiNo: i enjoy the spa too.. still haven't done any yoga tho! just pilates! x

Mi: Any form of art is self soothing.. and laughter is the eternal healer ;) xx

sadia: u DOOOOOO! lol i didn't think anyone would XD well my friend and i always refer to the dharma bubble whenever sh*t piles up lol xx

sadia said...

lol...oh yeah!
i loved dharma and greg.

أحمد الحيدر said...

first its so nice that u have a real friend .. i hope u stay together a long ..

about dress .. i don't know .. usually i try to be alone for a while ..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i go out with some friends and make sure i ef9el know, when you suddenly blank out and start laughing at anything and nothin? ;)

Livingmylife said...

me and my friends ritual is yoga
its amazing how much negative energy u can get rid off!


Aljoud said...

designing! it works magic for me!
working out and getting ohsorelaxing massages work well too..
I think the key is to surround yourself with charming, funny and caring people.. thats the best <3

Lili3 said...

Reading really helps with me, but writing does the complete opposite LOL

Ms. D said...

we hang out in my friends dewanya and watch chick flick, friends, greys anatomy and eat home made chocolate cheese cake with chocolaty fudge sauce!!

lama ekon elmood shway a7san we just flip the channels to musac crap and dance like mahabel!!

takes loadsa stress out of our systems!

Even Sweeter said...

Yoga...I love how much yoga relaxes me!!

FourMe said...

I get angry and fight with anything and anyone in my way :/ that's the only way I can be calm.. when I explode serenity hits me..

loving the new layout..

Fastidious Babe said...

sadia: yeah it was a nice show :)

أحمد الحيدر: being alone works too.. maybe more for men than us women :)

DanDooon: hell yeah! lol nothing beats laughter!

Livingmylife: i keep putting reminders to go to yoga class.. never made it tho!

Aljoud: words to live by! xx

Lili3: i get that.. reading puts ur mind at ease while writing makes u explore whatever it is thats bothering u in depth.. makes sense x

Ms D: sounds like fun! the dancing part not the binging part :P x

Even Sweeter: nice! stretching those tense knots and meditating.. works for alot of people.. will put it on my new years resolution list lol x

FourMe: whatever gets rid of it works lol glad u like the layout xx