Saturday, December 27, 2008

"The Why of Life"

Why do we do what we do, or say what we say, or act in a certain way?

It is said that your:
Attitude and

Also known as your MAP is what determines how you lead your life, and interact with others..

"Consider those people you respect, as well as those lower on your list. Even when you disagree with parts of their MAP, you may agree with others, which means you can draw from many sources, but in the end it's your MAP and that makes it absolutely unique to you."
(Quoted from leadership turn)

So who's MAPs do you draw from? And have you figured out your mindset, attitude and philosophy in life yet?

Think of this year, how did you lead your life and will you do it differently next year?

- to flexible definitions (not labels) x
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Mme.Monstre said...

i think i did figure out my MAP style .. its been working good with me now .. *exception: maybe 2 events went wrong this year - thats because i tried to change it ( someone suggested )*
maybe i drew my MAP mn my father ... all the calmness and seclusion*ness and go-with-the-flow*ness .. bas maybe i drew too much in .. i need some noise i think .. bas only a little .. about next year .. lol .. je ne sais pas .. maybe i'll stick with this one

mabrook el new header .. tres adorable.. loved the earring in the right picture

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

a7es the old template suits you more! =)
bs i like this one too! =)

Anonymous said...

hi fastidious babe! i'm a silent reader who really enjoys your blog. i had to comment today because your discussion of map really got me thinking (in a positive way). as a first time pregnant woman, it also got me to thinking about how i wanted to improve upon my map to inspire my child to have a strong map. thank you for this. cheers to great posts!

Fastidious Babe said...

Mme Monstre: thanx! glad u liked it.. sometimes change is good.. header wise and MAP wise :P xx

Dandooon: i know! bes i kinda got bored.. en plus its a new look lal new year :P xx

Anon: ur comment made my day! im so glad the post had a positive impact on u.. and i'm sure ur going to be a great mom inshalla! xx

mi said...

MAP? Like google maps? interesting! Mabroook el new layout! Yjannen!

Fastidious Babe said...

*sigh* NOT like google MAPS!! >_< ima kill u :P

u liiiiiiikeeeeeey? so its a go :P

desertpalms said...

Very nice post..your blog always gets me thinking..i think its built , destroyed and rebuilt all throughout ones life...well i certainly am not sure!

mmm being honest, i think the other was better cuz this ones seems a bit 'messy' madri leish..the other was more organised and neat =/ But if you like it then thats all that matters!! =*

Fastidious Babe said...

desertpalms: kaaif messy? maybe its ur browser setting font size thingy? lol i like it! i hand-picked the picks and everything too :P

glad u liked the post xx

Fastidious Babe said...


libero anima said...

i think my MAP changes through time..

but i always have the same morals, belief, and ambition ..

Delly said...

i think my MAP is changable!.. it depends on the ppl im dealing with.. i try to keep it positive but sometimes i cant help it.. ppl's mentality nowadays just makes me switch to negativity!

i need time to cope with ur new year's look :P

Ansam said...

Love the new look
I got in to ur site and I am like! hmmm am I on the right site! Its very funky and I love it

PaLoMiNo said...

7abeebty entay ;*
interesting topic :D
bas mali khilg afkir ;p

Miss Fluff said...

What an interesting blog!

And that's a new way of thinking about it. A MAP. Hmm..I know I can be a bit picky about, people I'd prefer to associate with. But, I'm taking steps to fine tune, that attitude. After all, each person has some wisdom, we can all learn from.

Thanks for this post. :)

Even Sweeter said...

I love love the new template...It felt like an old vogue cover!! about the MAP!I totally agree with delly.

Naseem said...

I read Robin Sharma books which always inspired my map...

I had set a map to myself 3yrs ago and I am still on it... and as you mentioned we learn or get inspiring maps from others as we go... and so further adjust my own map.

a wonderful topic published by you. keep blogging...

Fastidious Babe said...

libero anima: ur morals beliefs and ambitions fall under ur MAP too :)

Delly: lol hope ur coping well :P

Ansam: glad u do babes xx

Palomino: wb babe lol x

Miss Fluff: glad it got u thinking.. :)

Even Sweeter: glad u liked it! xx

Naseem: thank you :)

3anooda said...

loving the new look girl - i feel this suits u better - hathak il awalani chaneh shway too serious.

and please dont get me started on MAPS

Fastidious Babe said...

3anooda: glad u like it! xx