Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a beautiful day this is ;p

For starters, its the last day of the working week, so yaaaiyyyyy!

This week was crazy, from work stuff, uni stuff, work-presentation stuff, a domestic crisis, the film festival, and the french exam stuff.. It was unbelievable.. And waking up BEFORE the crack of dawn is a whole other story..

I now feel for the europeans who complain about the gloomy grey days. Thank god for the sun!

Mais right now.. All I can think of is my mani-pedi-scrub'n'buff-massage and facial appointments and a weekend of nothingness!

What do u have planned for the weekend?

P.S- the tree in the pic is decorated with over 20,000 swarovski crystals.. (or was it 40,000? Can't remember! In any case they're a LOT ;p) Its fascinating.. Check it out @ the dubai festival city.

- to rien x
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Delly said...

comme ce comme sa!
no plans for this weekend although im thinking of going shopping but im broke so i wont consider it a plan,,
i want to go to hong kong! uff alot of ppl went there for 3eed o chethi,, shawegooni,, i want to go!! shopping is amazing my friend told me,,, 7addi abi :/

have a great weekend though ;) 3ad me 2 i need a mani-padi thingie ;p

sadia said...

getting ready for weddingS, and attending the weddingS!...not my idea of fun :S

you enjoy your weekend of nothingness...sound like a lotta fun...seriously.

A Journal Entry said...

can't wait for this week to end =s

Fastidious Babe said...

A journal entry: aaaah its finally here!

Sadia: Im sure ur gonna have a blast x

Delly: I wanna go too! I was thinking tokyo! It was on my resolution list last year! Ah well.. Next year peut-etre!

Maitha said...

ahhhhhhh weekend is here!
- moving back into my room.
- going to some desert play.
- finishing up projects due next week.

to A crappy weekend indead!