Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its on the left side, or was it right?

Do you get mixed up between right/left sides?

Think of the people you know, who gets mixed up the most?

Studies have shown that women and left handed people have symmetrical brains.. which makes them more prone to mixing up their sides..

To me this makes alotta sense!

- to root cause analysis ;p xx
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Nemo said...

-- always gets mixed up between sides :P

Delly said...

hell yeah i do! im a leftie ba3ad :s
the worst thing ba3ad that day i was in the gym taking a latino dancing class... when the trainer says left leg i get confused and all of the others are doing the same moves but im the only one who doing the opposite! fashla cheni habla :s loool

Ansam said...

Interesting! I am usually good with sides :-P

sham3h said...

This makes total sense to me! I have to look at my hands while driving or anything to distinguish between left or right! seriously. I go like "take yourrrrrrr .....*sneak a look at my hands* right" :P

put a smile on my face this morning ....cheeeeers

f7ee7eely said...

your losing me here my dear friend...."cant we all get along " hehehehehe

Fastidious Babe said...

Nemo: me tooo!

Delly: i knoooooooowwww!!!! i totally get how retarded it makes u feel! >_<

Ansam: lol consider urself lucky :P

sham3h: it takes me 2-3 seconds to get it figured out, but its still later than anyone else.. takhallof lol

f7ee7eely: didnt get it lol XD

Nemo said...

i agree with delly looool

walla i swear i didnt attend a class after that .. i was so embarrassed

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So what about me... I am not left handed nor a female!!!! and I always get mixed up with sides :P

sad i dont fall in your criteria!!!

nice blog and great content :)

A Journal Entry said...

oh that always happen to me!

Fastidious Babe said...

Naseem: its not my criteria lol as much as i would love it to be :P its research based.. but u know what they say: to every rule there's always an exception :P

A journal entry: me too babe, me too x

- F said...

OMG! I always get mixed up right/left when some asks me do we turn right or left? I immediately do a hand gesture of me normally writing and the hand that feels comfortable with that is the right *since im right-handed* hehe I hope you get what I mean :\

Fastidious Babe said...

I DO! its exaaaaactly what i do! lool and i thought i was the only one who does that XD