Monday, December 8, 2008

You make your own traditions..

Hot cocoa at the walk jbr.. A new winter tradition..

What do you do on eid?

- to new stuff xx
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sadia said...

my family's relatively new tradition is breakfast from burger king!

Brian Christopher said...

ohhh, yummy.

Ruby Woo said...

I'm soooo tempted to dive in that bowl of melted chocolate..

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Up til not, it's been just family visits. I look forward for a lazy day at home though.

desertpalms said...

oohh maaan..that loooks goooooooood! all its missing is some marshmallows dipped in mmmm

bil 3afya!

am in i do..uni! =(

Karamilah said...

the tradition we still follow, is lunch at aunt's house. No mater what. other than that, my sister and I will introduce something new to the feast at home. Lately we take more group pictures. and my sister has to do somethign different to present her 3eedeyah.

That's it

eshda3wa said...

kel 3am wentay eb khair

was with family all day alll night

Anonymous said...

The picture made me mouth water (U)
Well nothing much family visits :)

BeBe said...

day one was with the family day two going to the movies :)

Fastidious Babe said...

sadia: lol sounds like brunch :P

Brian: yup..

Ruby Woo: i soo pigged out this last week its grossing me out lol

sham3at al jillas: yeah im all for a lazy day at home, bs eid is all about family get togethers n what not lol

desert palms: alla y3afeech! AWW!! its ok ur gonna be back for xmas break tho right?

Karamillah: thats what im trying to do.. introduce new stuff.. it makes it more fun :)

eshda3wa: hope it was fun :)

Chinese Eyes: pretty much ur basic eid then.. hope u had a great time :)

BeBe: cool, what did u watch? :)

nameless said...

wake up for 9alat ilfayir, ba3dain ag3ad wya ahaly n3ayid 3ala ba3ath o nsolf shway 3ala ma y9er wagt 9alat il3eid, nro7, n9aly, nrid, nthba7 ilkharof, ba3dain madry laish LAZM LAZM nakil balale6 o baith, ma3any ma7ba kilsh, bas akla 3shan ilwalda, .. weirdly the balale6 and baith thing is a must bil3eid.