Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One to Watch:

All she ever needed was a little credit ;)

Check out the trailer! if the clip doesn't show youtube it! xx

- to chick flicks! xx


J o u J a™ said...

wow shakla 3ajeeeb
a7b hal type
thanks sweets

3anooda said...

sooo looks like my kind of movie

5asara we need to wait until february

Dandoon said...

i am ridiculously excited about this movie! the shopaholic books are my absolute favourites!!

ps, i love you is one of my fav books too and they didn't do a good job with the movie:/ so hopefully this one won't leave me feeling meh! i have to say though, i am not happy with the man playing luke! luke brandon was my #1 fictional crush:p

AmitL said...

Hi,there..just chanced by your blog via some UAE blog links..seems like a fun blog.:)So,let me read a bit more and revert back..cheerio!!:)

Fastidious Babe said...

JouJa: anytime XD

3anooda: i know! yalla time flies x

Dandoon: lol whoa! ur a fan then? :P i didnt read the books but the movie looks like a lotta fun x

AmitL: lol enjoy the blog XD

Delly said...

cant wait! shopaholic books are my fav.! it would better if she were british, like living in london o chethi.. 3ashan we can live the story we read u know hehehe,, bas it looks funny... yalla emeta y9eer feb.!! :p

Chinese Eyes said...

I SOOO can't waittt!!

Dreamy said...

On my waiting list along with other movies ..

I hope I'll manage to see it b4 my wedding date :s

Fastidious Babe said...

Delly: nooooooooo! i hate british flicks lol x

Chinese eyes: just a couple months to go XD

Dreamy: if not, u can always watch it on ur honeymoon :P xx

Being Brazen said...

I definitely want to watch this