Monday, January 5, 2009

A9ba7na wa a9ba7a almlk lellah!!

What the fuck is wrong with ppl!!!

Yesterday I woke up to a FWD on how courteous and kind it was of Israel to text the palestinians before bombing them.. Really!

And today I wake up to an email telling me not to waste my mercy on palestinians cuz they dug their own graves and some more bs along those lines..

And to those ppl who have the same standpoint I say:

Call me crazy but I do NOT think its courteous nor merciful that the israilis supposedly sent messages to civilians telling them to evacuate. The blood shed did not stop at any point when civilians were torn apart.

NO I don't think its "civil" and "merciful" to bomb an ambulance or children or mosques!

I DO feel merciful for all arabs, not just the palestinians, but for all arabs for having our hands tied and not doing anything about it.

I DO feel the agony of the mom who saw her kids slaughtered and the children who saw their families torn apart (literally).

And I am outraged at the israilis because:

First of all THEY DON'T BELONG THERE in the first place! Ppl seem to have forgotten that part.

Secondly: not only did hammas not live up to their end of the alleged ceasefire last time, israel did not loosen up its deadlock either.

And if all that is not enough, than I just feel sorry that humans are being killed. Does that make sense to you?!

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globalcitizen said...

i heard those same words lately too much and i think it is absolutely preposterous to even think!! i think people like that lack serious empathy and its funny that with the way the Arab world politics (no countries in particular so its not a bias thing) are going and the way they react to global crises they're not exactly going on a road thats filled with sunshine..all issues aside, how in the world can someone be with or condone human suffering like that??!

mi said...

Laa elaha ella Allah

Ansam said...

alla yefok 3og-hom sooooon

sadia said...


Stand-Alone~ said...

Right on sista!!
I couldnt have said it any better!!

ilsul6ana said...

Allah yan9erhOm..inshalla

- F said...

I feel ashamed to being an arab. Why? Because where are we? I mean our brothers and sisters are getting killed by the second in Ghaza. And where are we? What are the Arab countries doing? Are they helping them NO. Are they giving out statements saying this should be stopped NO. I know they fear that Israel will attack them as well if they stood up. But together if all the arabs stand by each other israel can't do anything. But, we are just a bunch of cowards. All we can do now is pray.

Zaina said...

la 7awla wala quwat illa billa..
allaah isa3idhum inshallah...

libero anima said...

yell me about it it's just devastating ! .. i saw the videos on TV where they were running with the lifeless bodies of 5 , 6 year old children .. looking soo innocent yet horrifying ..

ya rabee en9urna 3ala el 8awm el kafereeen .. ya rab koon ef 3oonhum .. if i could do something i would've gone there myself ..

The Extravagate said...

Thank you for posting this
i've been meaning to post something about it especially the part where someppl say they brought this to themselves .. WTF!!

Fastidious Babe said...

globalcitizen: i guess the world decides to turn a blind eye when it comes to muslims.. "they probably deserve it those barbarian terrorists" << not only do i hear it from brainwashed americans, but from arabs too.. sad really.

mi: WHERE R U !!!!!

Ansam: ameen..

sadia: ..?

Stand Alone: wish there was more we could do...

ilsul6ana: ameen..

F: the least we can do is pray for them.. i heard that they have food to last them 48 hrs in gaza.. donations are being collected everywhere.. every little bit counts..

Zaina: ameen

libero anima: it is a humanitarian crisis indeed... alla y3eenhm..

The Extravagate: i've heard that alot, i guess some people fail to see the reality for what it is..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

9ara7a i dont blame them...the media there simply shows the people the complete opposite of the truth...they get a dude with a big beard from hamas launching a rocket, and a little scared boy in isreal...oo they dont sshow them the other side of the pictute

their propaganda is disgusting...oo the normal individuals (ie the vast majority of people) are simply thay3een bel6osha =\

its so sad =(

Fastidious Babe said...

Dandooon: babe i got an email from an arab.. and i do understand the reaction of the west (and all the brain washing through media that goes with it).. but when u get "they deserve whats happening to them" from an arab, who sees what we see and knows what we know.. its enraging..

Limited said...

no human deserves what is going on in Gaza ..

but the isralies r looking for an excuse to wipe them out .. and they got their excuse .. yet nobody, not even the UN *which is pointless in cases like this* r doing something about it ..

the jews threw a fit in hitlers time, calling what he did a holocaust and all .. saying how unfair and inhumane it all was and that they didnt deserve it .. WHAT ABOUT WHAT THEY R DOING TO THE PALESTINIANS NOW?? is that not similar to the holocaust? dont they have the same intentions as hitler did??