Saturday, January 17, 2009

To drape or not to drape?




I'm researching dresses for my cousin's big day! I have always been a fan of the greek goddess look, come to think of it.. I might have over abused it a lil :P

However, i still feel its the way to go!

What do u think?

- to grecian drapes x


M said...

yes yes yes.. to drape!

Aljoud said...

def. to drape! I LOVE draping *flyinghearts*
go for that goddess look.. its always breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

well, it depends on your figure, if you are fat, the drapes are forgiving!

Fastidious Babe said...

M: to drape it is!

Aljoud: me too! its just that ive gone with this look quite a few times! XD

Anon: on the contrary i feel that if worn by a "fat" person this trend can look mmm "tent-like"! but thats just me..

Limited said...

go for the drape! greek goddess look is amazing! and very elegant ..

Fashionista said...

not all drapes look good

i loved the gucci dress, the cut and the color are perfect

Delly said...

go for it hun! ;*
check reem acrac :)

The Extravagate said...

You need to be really tall :P
I love it speacily in plain silk with some kind of a belt that’s shwaya lower than the waist
Go for it gurl

Ruby Woo said...

I like it but not when used with a pattern design..

I like them plain in light colors!

desertpalms said...

i liked the last one the best!

yes definetly! its a classic its timeless ;p

Miznah said...

Drape if you have a nice figure.. it will compliment your curves..
but sometimes it can make you look bulky.. so you be the judge :)

Fastidious Babe said...

Thanx for giving me the go girls lol xx