Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barbie Turns 50!

50th anniversary Fashion Look Book

"Even at 50 Barbie shows no sign of slowing. There is not a Grey hair, a wrinkle, a surplus inch, her waist remains tiny, her legs long and slim. The former model, whose cv runs from palaeontologist to presidential candidate, is worth $3 billion a year and looks better than ever."

On another note, i saw the funniest cougar barbie clip on leno.. cannot find it online tho! (sorry about the earlier link!)

- to aging gracefully :P


Stitch said...

bit el chalb :/ akeed tsawwi botox! :o

Stand-Alone~ said...

I hate barbie :/

Delly said...

that remind me of something a read few days ago about the inventor of barbie.. et9adgeen,, he died from aids! o they said he used to be a pervert :/ ge6ee3a... now i hate barbie :s

Shoush said...

I luv Barbie. I wonder y i don't own one at this age. Must go get one. :P

Fastidious Babe said...

Stitch: lol :P

Stand Alone: yeah t8har :P

Delly: omg ew!

Shoush: i used to love dressing her up, makeup clothes n shoes was what it was all about XD oh and swimming suits too XD

ok u guys sorry about the earlier link.. it wasn't the same one i was looking for x

Limited said...

aaah barbie! i used to LOVE barbie!! dressing her up and playing with her .. i used to take my favorite one everywhere!

now my little sisters play with barbies w sometimes i lose my mind and start dressing up their dolls =P

libero anima said...

whooooow to anti aging creams and botox and plastic surgeries =p

go barbie go barbie ! XD

eshda3wa said...

ooh i want that book!

Livingmylife said...

i never liked barbie .. i was such a tomboy! my mother used to force me to play with them

kanat etgooli if u play with these barbies for an hour i'll give u ur football back!;p

hehe ayam!


Hind ♥ said...

I want to have her body!

Fastidious Babe said...

Limited: lol it can take ur mind off stuff :P and its kinda fun XD

libero anima: she gives us all hope :P

eshda3wa: i know, it traces all the different fashion eras barbie went through.. a collectors item x

Livingmylife: LOL OMG XD thats adorable x

Hind: we all do :P

A Journal Entry said...

hmmm that would make a good coffee table book..

Maitha* said...

ya7lailha.. i love barbie!!

Fastidious Babe said...

A journal entry: exactly my thoughts x

Maitha: yeah shes a darling :P