Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bijou du jour!

Created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Boucheron, made out of a single piece of massive gold.

Not credit-crunch friendly ;P

- to everything french x


Miss-Informed said...

lol @ not credit-crunch friendly! 3ijabni the expression :D

I dont like this phone. I think it's ugly :/ Even so, I think the silver looks better on it. Don't you think?

Mme.Monstre said...

i dont like the phone itself - the system i mean - .. nothing beats a bb .. but it looks amaaazing >,< ...

Even Sweeter said...


FourMe said...

seriously it looks scary and the edges looks sharp like it can give you cuts while you're on the phone :/

p.s. I loved the Boucheron edition with all the diamonds and rubies i think it was..

Fastidious Babe said...

Miss-informed: it can come off as pretty defsh.. i like the fact that it was made out of a chunk of gold.. very mm treasuresque! xD

Mme Monstre: my bb is giving me a hard time so im in hate mode right now lol

Even Sweeter: je sais XD

Four Me: yes i think it came in rubies too.. this one comes in a wooden box a la pirate's treasure box XD blunt edges im sure :P

Anonymous said...

holding a vertu is like driving a Ferrari!!!! its the top class Jewelery phone... and definitely not a credit-crunch friendly :p

personally I love the Vertu Monza version for men... very sporty :)

how much this baby will cost?