Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rebellious much?

I came across another art gallery, and some pictures grabbed my attention immediately.. They were of various women, each with a tiny quote under it.. As I walked by, I found myself giggling at how cute some of those old ladies were! The concept was to capture the mischief and amusement in their lives..

Still in an Artsy mood

"Women" by Mona Ayyash

" Jumping into my second marriage"

"Stuffed boots under toilet stalls to keep people away"

"I want to take portraits of older women. While Im photographing them I will start a conversation and slowing pry into their personal lives and try to capture the young mischievous women they once were. I will unify them with one question: what is the most rebellious thing you've done?

Under each portrait I will have a quote from each woman telling their story.
I am very excited about this and I feel very confident about my new concept."

Quoted from her Blog

A very interesting concept indeed, Kudos Mona!

Walking by those shots was fascinating and touched me in so many different ways.. its like you can glimpse into those seemingly ordinary women's lives from just the one shot and quote..

So in true Ayyash style.. what is the most rebellious thing you have ever done?

- to photography, a form of art i very much admire x


Anonymous said...

woW some pretty art work :) Wayed thakeya eb 9ara7aa oo fekrat-ha jaree2a for the arab world! I luv it !

Fashionista said...

ummm i guess convincing my parents that i'm old enough to make my own decisions, actually, i'll have to say this is an ongoing rebellious task that never gets easier :P

luv her work

thanks for sharing it with us :)

eshda3wa said...

most rebellious?


i think id rather keep it to myself

Fastidious Babe said...

ilsul6ana: she did have a couple arab women in there too! it was pretty interesting to look at :)

Fashionista: lool thats kinda innocent rebellion :P glad u liked it!

eshda3wa: lol wasn't expecting alot of answers to start with ;P x