Sunday, January 25, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly. And the interesting!


The good: my friend got back from paris <3 i had missed her terribly!

The bad: a misunderstanding last week lead to a tiff with my in-charge (not a good thing since we're still on not-so-good terms)

The ugly: I had the most difficult patients ever, every other patient was an emergency case and it was pretty hard to cope.

But we live, we learn and we manage.

On another note.. I'm starting to blv in art therapy, ever since i started art classes i have been complaining nonstop about how boring the process is...
But as soon as i got home today, i put on some french music, got my sketch pad and started sketching..It was bliss.

The interesting:

It snowed in RAK! ( i actually just saw this!)

- to better tomorrows, and having our own natural slopes someday x


Anonymous said...

Is it be a doctor?

Manal said...

the pictures was on the news today abowt the snow
it is nice

libero anima said...

yeah i saw the pix !
i was like OOOOOMG ! snow ? heeere in the UAE ? 0.0

and about sketching you get into a world of ur own ..

Delly said...

it also snowed last year in UAE! i remember

Fastidious Babe said...

Anon: it has its days..

Manal: it is isnt it :)

libero: yeah u kinda loose urself to it, its nice..

Delly: yeah! but i think this year its thicker

eshda3wa said...

ah global warming :)

Ansam said...

Yeah I got an email today with pics about snow in RAK

maicher said...