Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions 2009, the blogger version

First of all I wish you all a very happy new year filled with joy and fabulousness.. May all your wishes come true :)

In 09 I would like to find that missing link to happiness..

That's my only resolution..

P.S. Ayoom n the girls: I totally had a blast with you.. U guys should come over more often ;) and remember.. Ilthaltha thabta xoxo

- to clean slates, new beginnings and big dreams xx
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chikapappi said...

Bonne annee cherie!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

happy new year sis ;**

Delly said...

happy new year hun ;*

FourMe said...

Happy new year dear :*

To new slates! I like that one I shall use it!!

FourMe said...


Mi said...

It's already been a year! Happy new one :)

We only get to see the blogger version? kl senah kel senah?

Fashionista said...

i found that link :)

it comes from within

happiness is a decision we make babes

i wake up everyday "deciding" that it will be a happy day, then everything falls in place :)

i also make sure to surround myself with things that put a smile on my face

may 2009 be your happiness year :*

Karamilah said...

"Happiness only real when shared" Into the Wild, movie.
Happy New Year w inshallah this year and the ones after are full of happiness and joy :)

Stand-Alone~ said...

Happy new year sweety..

To finding your link of happnies, all the best,,

A Journal Entry said...

happy new year! =D

BeBe said...

i just hope i can get a birkin :P in 2009 :P

PaLoMiNo said...


3anooda said...

i will definitely drink to that!!!

to clean slates, new beginnings and big dreams

PinkChampagne said...

Happy new year beautiful
I hope this year finds you that missing piece and gives you so much more xx

PinkChampagne said...

Happy new year beautiful
I hope this year finds you that missing piece and gives you so much more xx

Baroque said...

Hope you have an amazing year filled with everything your heart desires, as well as peace and well-being xx mwah.

Lili3 said...

Have a happy new year :D

Aljoud said...

Happy new year gorgeous! <3
I found my happiness.. il7imdellah.. ;)
This year is all about being stronger, and experimenting new things (outside my comfort zone!!!) Its about taking leaps into the unknown without looking back..

To being stronger xx

Fastidious Babe said...

chikapappi: toi aussieee xxxx

DanDooon, Delly, Fourme: i wish u the best of everything this coming year! xx

Mi: lol well i do have my own rituals too ;)

Fashionista: I'm glad u have found happiness.. and i do agree.. it comes from within.. may 09 be full of everything happy n fulfilling xxx

Karamilah: and to you a great one too xx

Stand Alone: thanx! hope u have a great one xx

A journal entry: a wonderful year to u too xx

BeBe: lol that was my 08 resolution.. kinda forgot about it though.. with bags.. u see it.. u love it.. u gotta have it.. and so on and so forth lol so i'm not putting the birkin back on this years list.. But good luck with finding ur perfect birkin xx!

PaLoMino: thanx sweets! have a great one urself xx

3anoooda: cincin lol xx

PC: thanx babe.. have a wild one xx

Baroque: thanks sweetheart.. wish u the very best this year and every year inshalla xx

Lili3: you too xx

Aljoud: firstly, mabrook ;) and i wish u a year full of happiness and strength xx

Even Sweeter said...

Happy new yeaar dear ;** May your year be filled with love and happiness
Whohoooo to new beginnings hun

Euphoria said...

Happy new year to you too! :)


chika said...

Babe, why is there Quran on UAE channels!? what happened?!

Fastidious Babe said...

Even Sweeter: to new beginnings indeed.. have a wonderful new year x

Euphoria: bonne annee x

Chika: the ruler of Um al Quwain HH Shk Rashed Al Mualla passed away.. alla yr7ama..

Aljoud said...

Awwwh thanks gorgeous!! <3
Just emailed you _ incase it ends up in ur spam again :p

Fastidious Babe said...

and i replied. just incase u dont get it! god, and they say "trust the technology" yeah whatever lol x