Friday, January 9, 2009

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Stop The Blood Shed
Stop The Blood Shed by fastidious.babe

Boycott Israel << click here.

"On Wednesday, more than 2,000 Muslim restaurants in Malaysia said they would remove Coca-Cola from their menus as part of a boycott of American products in protest of U.S. support for Israel."

"A boycott is the best way for us to protest Zionist cruelty against the Palestinian people as consumers can weaken the economy of countries like Israel and its ally, the US,"
Dr Maamor (from the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Assoc).

Remember, every little thing COUNTS.


nameless said...

esm7eily ekhty, bas salfat "qa63ohom" hathy mara7 etdsh mokhy lanha mo moqn3a,

hatha nafs ely sawo 7ag ildenmark,

al7eein, nas qa9feinkom ib dababat? yayein entaw btaq9fonhom beqt9adhom?

hatha ely gdarna 3laiah?

basa3id ghaza, mashtry go6y bebsi? wila basa3d ghaza amna3 il7aflat?

basa3id ghaza, adz msgat "qa63o mcdonald" enshir walak ilajr?

btw tara bebsi o coca cola aw ay montaj amreiky ma w9al deratna min ilfatha', fei shay esma wakeil, wilwakeil 3adatan ykon min ildera nafs'ha,

ya3ny law binfakir feiha shway, tara ent ga36ayi7 7ath hal tajir min 3yal dertik,

wain ilman6iq ya jma3a?

Ghaza mehy b7ajat mothahara wila sh3ar mithil "ghaza fei qlobna", mehy b7ajat ilnas yqa63on montaj wila athnain,

taby tsa3id fa fard? .. 3indk jam3yat ilhlal ila7mar, ro7 hnak, t6awa3, tbara3 bdamik lhom, bflosik!

o edyar mithil malezya o ghairha, 7alhom bas 7achy!

mithil 7alna e7na yal3arab, alahom mothahara wila thintain, wsh3arat o e9rakh o balawy zarga, o n6la3 minha bshno?

joty (mkaram ilsam3) sawmeina ib 7000KD!

walh yuba khosh,

ana agol bdal la ildwal il3arabya bas fal7a t6la3 mothaharat o shghil qa63ohom wila l3naw waldaihom min byotkom,


ytrawaly ena mako deira mafeiha jaaish!

taby tsa3d, sa3d b3agil o diz jaishik,

sa3dhom mithil ma amreika sa3dtna bilghazo, ehy wildwal il3arabya ilshaqeiqa, ashof yom 9ar ilghazo, mako jaish ma kan bildeira!

laish al7ein maydzonhom 7ag ghaza?

wila khayfein?

bas yuba dam khayfein, bl3aw il3afya o mala da3y nsawy ro7na jongarat zimana 3ala mameish!

Fastidious Babe said...

nameless: the decision of taking action from the arab countries has been made clear from their silence. And apparently, we can't influence that decision. What we can do is donate, pray and try to influence Israel's economy (supported by the states). I'm not sure if the boycott will infact affect the US economy, but what i do know is that they are in the middle of an economical crisis, and are holding onto everything right now.. I also undestand that local franchisers will get affected..

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir had earlier said:

"If you stop accepting US currency, the US can't trade and can't make any money, it will become very poor and it will have to stop the production of more and more weapons in order to kill people," << Again, the logic behind this is questionable.. but what else is there for us to do?

and by us, i mean citicenz, consumers, people who have no say when it comes to the BIG decisions.

sadia said...

i posted an entry about the same thing today. i'm boycotting!!

i don't want the blood of palestinians on my hands!

let's try to be intelligent consumers and ay attention to what we're buying and from whom.

let's do it! instant!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with 'nameless' on this one, this is a very optimistic and I'm sorry to say it but sad excuse to make yourself feel better about doing nothing (my opinion)

You think that if everyone in the world stopped drinking Starbucks Israel would give up and leave Gaza alone?

Granted, what's going on over there is completely fucked up. And fucked up from both ends. When you fight fire with fire all hell breaks loose. I can't imagine what people are going through over there, so I won't judge their actions. Still, people who support reckless killing from either side that harms innocents are just wrong. And don't give me bullshit about all Israeli's being evil. A child is always innocent.

I don't want to keep ranting because it won't stop. But I just wanted to say that I agree in that thee pointless boycotts are fantasies. If you want to get involved go and seriously involve yourself. Otherwise, live your life happily knowing that you're lucky to be where you are. Talk is cheap.

Fastidious Babe said...

sadia: i feel the same way too :)

Anon: The US is the number one ally to Israel (they even refrained from voting on the UN's ceasefire proposal today), right now they have a financial crisis, and (some analysts say) that one reason for the economical crisis was the boycotts which started after the Iraq war. So yes, if by any chance fucking up with their economy can make them stop supplying Israel.. then i am all for it.

Secondly.. Over 20 years the number of causalities from Hamas's bombs are nothing in comparison to ONE day of bombing in Gaza.. So it is disproportionate (not just fire for fire!).. and it is not just.. and if boycotting American products is going to make us feel any better about it, then so be it.

- F said...

Okay wow this is getting intense. First of all I never got the "Boycott" idea and I tried it but failed miserably. BUT I think it makes a big different it is true that boycotting may not make Israel or America stop whatever they're doing but it will spread awareness. First it may shake the economy of both Israel and America and as we know we are in an economic crisis and everyone, especially America would love to have a stable economy. Second with the boycotting it shows that people are not silent idiots and that they have an opinion and boycotting shows that they are against the massacre in Gaza. Like for example law sama7 allah a country terrorized my own home I will certainly hate if muslim and arab countries improve the economy of the enemy who is killing innocent people on my land. I will also like to point out that we are donating but we feel that it isn't enough we are trying to do everything we can! At least we are showing that we are supporting Gaza. And about the protests! They shouldn't STOP and I think that it is amazing that a lot of people are protesting! I think it shows how WRONG Israel is and it will soon make all the WORLD stop sleeping and see what Israel is doing! Protests makes palestinians feel that they are not alone! That everyone in the world is trying their best to spread awareness and support them by all means! Plus the protests will make the American government ashamed and embarrassed why would people protest? Of course because something is going terribly wrong!!

Oh and a lot of people do not watch the news or read the newspapers they might've not found out what happened in Gaza without the boycotting and protests.

Ok so I think I'm done hhehe Fastidious Babe please read my newest post it is an easy way to donate for the people in Gaza!


eshda3wa said...

good for them

every effort counts

Unruhe said...

Those who belittle acts of solidarity like protests or boycotts: take your opinions to the government and let them hear you. Don't beat your chest and roar at bloggers or citizens who are as helpless as you are.
Where's your so-called sense of reason: we're civilians ourselves, not combatants.
Protests are not meaningless as long as they're followed by donations(money and blood) and our prayers.
It's the least we can do, but it doesn't make us simply all talk.
If you got the energy to rant, I say its more fruitful spent on gathering more donations.

Fastidious Babe said...

F: will do :)

eshda3wa: sure does..

Unruhe: my point exactly.

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