Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Neons

In S/S08 neons were big..This season,models in Japan's Fashion Week had neon lips n eye liners..

An interesting twist to the trend...

What do u think.. yaiy or naiy?

- to irrelevancies.. oh how we need them x


Limited said...

aaah i dont think my skin tone would take this kind of neon =/

Ms. D said...

on lips bs.. eyes... hmm eye shadow a7es ee

Livingmylife said...

hmmm im quite tanned .. dont think this would look good on me..


ilsul6ana said...

loool i dont do colors on the eyes !

min beige and brown onlyyyyyyyyy on the eyes, oo a7la shay gives my eyes 7ag-hom, anything else makes them smaller..So naaaay for me!

Delly said...

on eyes?! alla yaster min eli bnshoofa! chethi wel awadim embad3een!

Fastidious Babe said...

Limited: bear in mind its Asian skin in the pic! XD so u never know!

Ms. D: on me i think it would look more like an eye infection :P maybe that's just me tho lol

Livingmylife: i think the lippie would look super cute with a tan! not sure about the liner though!

ilsul6ana: me too! im all about the black liner.. and IF i were to push my boundaries a lil i would go k7ly XD

Delly: i know! i can't wait to see this translated on the real way lol especially 3ndna XD

Ex-clamation Mark said...

Yay, but not the eyeliner nor eyeshadow!

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