Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updates on The Dubai Mall

A first in the middle east, opened last month

Pronovias pret-a-porter gowns

Manolo Blahnik's fabulous interior by his neice Kristina

Opened recently, first branch in the middle east

Opening next week! L'ENTRECOTE! pour les <3

Forrey & Galland - Haute Couture chocolate

for quality coffee and endless variety!

- To the love of everything fabulous and yummy! have a great weekend peeps x


Anonymous said...

hi,,just wana ask,,where did kitsch open in dubai?

Delly said...

goerge clooney is included? :p
have a great weekend hun ;*

sadia said...

@ delly : oh how i wish! lol

Anonymous said...

check this out

both the coffee and clooney...may i order both;)

A Journal Entry said...

i LOVE california pizza kitchen!

The Extravagate said...

aaaah goerge clooney *TE dreaming*

KissMyShades said...

Temperly :D yay

Fastidious Babe said...

Anon: jum beach road :)

Delly: lol eye candy bes :P

sadia: lol XD

Anon2: i've seen it earlier! hotness x

A journal entry: moi aussi! XD

The Extravagate: lol have some coffee :P

Kissmyshades: yep x

Ruby Woo said...

just wanted to tell u that the poll in your latest post is not working.. im not sure if thats just me or...?

desertpalms said...

eee the poll doesnt work...weird symbols comee up! =/ hmm..

hope u have a great weekend too babee =* (i still have uni tomoro morning ;p) and i totally love that audrey quote u have at the top, i hadnt noticed it before!

Anonymous said...

l'entercote just opened in bahrain two weeks ago :)

Fastidious Babe said...

Ruby Woo: i THINK it works.. i mean i can get to the results.. dunno!

desertpalms: ohh enjoy ur weekend too babes x

Anon: we had it tucked into a hotel for a long long time, but no one knew about it or could get there (cuz its akherildenya :P ) i love that place! <3

Venus said...

i you tell me the brand of the weeding dress , and where in Dubai
thanks dear

Fastidious Babe said...

Venus: the one in the pic is Ellie by ellie saab, from last season. They have wedding dresses at pronovias at the dubai mall.