Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it bad luck to be superstitious?

A series of misfortunes are happening in the weirdest manner..

My friends call it an evil eye or something along those lines..

I'm not really sure what it is..

Are u superstitious?

Or does it attract bad luck?

Just a thought!

- to a great, uneventful weekend ahead! xx
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sadia said...

could be evil eye. but recite the appropriate surhas an you'll be fine inshallah

Aljoud said...

you should be careful from evil eye.. sometimes it could be REAL bad!! >.<
I used to get nasty dreams and people would say its all because of the evil eye bla bla but I've never cared much.. All what I do is read athkar el 9aba7 wel masa2 (try to do that daily) and Ayat el kursi.
hope everything happens the way you want.

ps. nespresso is now open @ dubai mall ;) yay can't wait to check it out!!

eshda3wa said...

im not superstitious AT ALL

Fastidious Babe said...

sadia: inshalla :)

Aljoud: THANX FOR THE HEADS UP BABE! xxx as for "il3ain" i always forget my athkaar! i need them in my fone! will work on it! xx

eshda3wa: i try not to be! x

Delly said...

just be careful dear o 3alaich bil mo3awethat :)

Fastidious Babe said...

Delly: thanx sweetheart x

Fury said...

I dont get my hair cut on tuesdays :)and I dont even know why I do that.

Fastidious Babe said...

Fury: i know, we have certain beliefs and we feel strongly about them.. no reason is necessary XD to each his own! x