Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bedtime thoughts..

My friend and I were at the movies a couple of weeks ago (watching The Women, crappy movie, plus u shouldn't be pro anything american right now) anyways.. So there's a part where this lady finds out that her husband is cheating on her and she has a sob fest with her friend..

My friend then turns to me and says: how come u never do that?

I shot her a look but I knew exactly what she was talking about..

Between the four of us, we've seen it all.. And I mean Everything. The bad the ugly and the unbelievable..

But I would always stay collected, and mind u, I have been dealt my own share of shitload.

I don't know what it is, but as much as I love sharing everything with my friends, I draw the line when it comes to emotions. I do listen to them, and I try my best to pull them out of an emotional slump..

Its just that when it comes to me, I would rather deal with it alone.

Today I came across a quote that said: "Keep ur emotions under control. The parent often fails at this point."

So is it a bad thing to be in control of our emotions? Or is it a way of having some control over our lives when we hardly ever have a say in what it holds?

Just a thought..

Gnight peeps.

- to mm emotional tact?
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Livingmylife said...


im like that with my family .. i can never be emotional with them .. i dont know how to express any sort of feelings to them .. 5asatan lov! a5er mara i hugged my own sister was on her birthday last yr .. and i see her everyday!

but with my friends .. i do .. and sometimes i hate it that i do .. im trying hard to hold things in because i guess.. its impowering to feel like u can deal with anything that comes ur way alone ..

but if u do need help or have trouble and feel like u cant deal with it alone .. i dont suggest u keep it bottled in .. after all .. u seem like u have gr8 friends!

iv been writing REALY long comments hal ayam .. madri shfeeni! lol sorry!


Ms. D said...

i used to keep to myself and always pull my friends outta the emotional roller-coasters and whims.. while i always stayed collected.. skool relation-ships parents sibling issues... elly ehwa

but bloggin has changed me!

now all i do is share share and share with total strangers.. who ive never met *mostly* and some of which i will never meet..

this step has helped me to open up a lil bit to my friends.. y3ny mo open up open up per sy.. bs sert a7san.. i ask them for advice 3al aqal now ;D awal kint super D elly kila an9a7 o know it all.. now i do ask for their help and stff :>

Ms. D said...

whom ive never met*

yaaay! a whom!! kila a7eb aktebha o lama eser wagtHa i dont use it ;o bu6ir ;p

desertpalms said...

actually, id love to be in control of my emotions like that!

watchmekissthesky said...

I don't think its a bad thing bel3aks I wish I could do that ;p bas sometimes I get emotionally exhausted if I'm bottling everything inside because I just can't deal with it! lol
besides I'm good at giving advice but I suck at following my own! that's why I end up sharing my emotions with my friends =]

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

you better stay away from me when im feeling emotional...waterworks all over the place!!! no kidding!!

nothing a habit im proud of, but it certainly makes me feel good to talk about it...

im a whimp and im proud!

desertpalms said...

uve been tagged dude ;p

Ruby Woo said...

Its just different. With friends we can spill everything to each other. We're more comfortable around each other than parents.

and true sometimes you should draw the line, but eventually everything will get bottled up and explode. From time to time, you should share your emotions, it'll make you feel better!

nyxxie said...

I think that when it comes to a woman's married life it's best enha tster 3la rayelha w ta6lebla el hedaaya.. wama tadry bema 9one3a aldu3aa, there's no use venting that side of life unless one is seriously contemplating a divorce and needs some help there.

Fatma said...

Actually I thnk its anaarab thing to do one of my closest friends NEVER shares her problems even tho ive known her since ages ago.I thnk its her way of trying to keep positive and perfect image of herself cuz in her head she thnks that if she opens up abt her problems she might lower her perfect image if u know wat i mean?

Single & Fabulous said...

same here, i don't show emotions. I listen, I express my sympathy, but no hugging or stuff like that!

Fastidious Babe said...

Livingmylife: lol i've been posting really long posts lately :P i guess part of it is how ur brought up, to express ur feelings or not to..

Ms. D: i must say ur comment got me giggling last night lol anyways.. for the opening up to strangers part, it can help, but i think u should be careful! also, its a good thing blogging got u tp open up! x

depertpalms: its good but it does have a negative side to it.. will do the tag pronto x

watchmekissthesky: i guess part of it is me always thinking my advice is the best XD lol seriously though.. i tend to follow my own advice cuz i blv in it :P

I <3 pink sugar: good for u! x

RubyWoo: i get that its different when ur with friends, but i think the way u have been brought up plays a role in how open u are with ur feelings..

nyxxie: i was actually talking about any kind of emotional breakdown.. ofcourse the relationship btw a woman and her husband must remain sacred.. x

Fatma: maybe so, but if u choose ur friends right, then u shouldnt be worried about "a perfect image" when ur around them.. mmm i mean no one is perfect after all, and ur friends are those who love u for ur little shortcomings! x

Single n Fab: lol i guess we're cut from the same cloth then x

Delly said...

my best friend is the only person i could express my emtions too besides the love of my life of course.. but towards my family umm no.. they dont really do that.. the only person who does is my little brother..
but im the phase of chaning them and myself as well.. id like to be hugged everyday :p
after losing my uncle i feel that life is too short we have to tell ppl how much we love them o chethi.

Limited said...

with my best friends i can let my emotions out .. but other than that i prefer to hold onto my emotions ..

Limited said...

with my best friends i can let my emotions out .. but other than that i prefer to hold onto my emotions ..

PinkChampagne said...

I think controlling your emotions enables you to reflect within,deal with issues and have a strong sense of self awareness..You become a totally self possessed woman over time and youre able to be there for others especially when sometimes you see yourself in them and thats the end of the day I admit Im insanely private because my personal life and feelings are the one world that I own completely.

Fastidious Babe said...

Delly: it seems to be a cultural thing then doesnt it?

Limited: well atleast u vent :)

PC: GIRL I MISS U!!!! aren't u back yet? drop me a line will ya! as for being a private person, it does indeed give u time to reflect from within.. and makes u an over all stronger person.. but maybe letting someone in is ok too.. x

Anonymous said...

Ana 3an nafsi I can't keep control of my emotions, I have to talk to my sisters or friends.. I have to have someone.
Bs tara keeping your emotions to yourself is good, sometimes expressing them makes you feel very vulnerable and weak, trust me.
And by the way I loved The Women :D

3anooda said...

awalan i hated the movie - thanian what happens between a woman and her husband shoud STAY between a woman and her husband - maleh da3i itsawy i3lan - i dont get women that do that!!!

Fastidious Babe said...

Hind: mm i get that, maybe that is why some people try to hold it in as a form of strength.. x

3anooda: emm, as i mentioned earlier in one of the replies.. the crying woman here symbolizes any form of emotional breakdown.. not just spouse related :)

sadia said...

i've learned that sharing does help at eases things...but ofcourse not just with anyone...but only sharing with someone who you can trust completely and you know will give advice with your best interest in mind....

Anonymous said...

U should try letting someone in girl, it adds life to life and kills germs in ur life and cleans up ur mess when others hate u for it. Above all it gives u the crap I'm writing when they have nothing to do ! Lol
Nice blog girl

Fatma said...

Yeah I know abt pickng the correct friends bt u urself admit that u dnt share problems, so this is considered normal in our Dubaian society!

Fastidious Babe said...

Sadia: i'm sure it helps alot!

Anon: lol! seriously?! glad u like the blog :P x

Fatma: yes, i admit i dont share much when it comes to my personal issues, but it has nothing to do with me trying to "look perfect" in my friends' eyes.... but i do know its common people here need to keep their guards up because of mm "il8eel wl 8aaal" Anyways.. that is not the case with me :P for starters, my closest friends are not from Dubai, and secondly.. one can share feelings with family members or anyone relatively "Close".. i find it hard to open up to people and would rather just deal with it alone..

Fatma said...

geeezzz relax ok i rest my case ad i guess everyone has their own way in dealing wth problems