Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take off ur lenses and bring on the EyeWear!

It's time to bring back les lunettes! Yet another trend of the 50's revived.. It is said that glasses have been big ever since the economic crash.. and that this "trend" is here to stay!

Eye wear trends vary, unlike the big nerdy glasses worn last year (which remained a no-no to me) This year the NY post predicts glasses trends to be:

My personal favourite is Chanel's super cute spring '09 frames with pearl detail!

So what do you think.. will specs make it to ur spring wardrobe?

- to accessorizing smart! x


sadia said...

making me wish i needed them!

Limited said...

unfortunately i cant pull off glasses that look like that .. they just DONT suit my face! =( i stick with bold black frames which is what i currently have ..

in my choos said...

always a fan, forever a fan ;p



Karamilah said...

shame i did lazik two years ago

Delly said...

amazing trend!

nyxxie said...

im always on the look out for different lunettes >,<

Stand-Alone~ said...

hmm,, i cant pull off that look, but it is actually in my to do list,, "get somethng like and force it to look nice one you"

Fastidious Babe said...

sadia: u can always get em with power zero if u want XD

Limited: never say never.. try out the new shapes ymkn something works XD

inmychoos: good XD lol

Karamilah: i'm gonna do it when i turn 28 inshalla XD

Delly: yup!

nyxxie: yeah me too XD

Stand Alone: lol trends are supposed to compliment how u look, or just make u feel fabulous XD

Charmbracelet said...

i don't think i want a coloed frame! Bs I liiike the pink one ! Soo cute! I just wear black armanis and Ive had them for 2 yrs now w don't wanna change em=p

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

i have the huge "moodares riyathoyat" leopard print D&G! my friends find them quirky/weird...I love them they are so trendy if you where them well!

Fastidious Babe said...

N: i had a cavali one that i loved and wore for like a year or so.. i still think it was the best frame ever XD lol used to get compliments all the time XD

i <3 pink sugar: aww they sound fab!!

libero anima said...

i'm currently using bold black frames which i bought in a time when i actually had cheecks .. bss now that they're gone i kinda look funny wearing my glasses cuz they're kinda big and my face is mashfoo6 now =p

bss whatever i think they're cute anyways XD

Fastidious Babe said...

libero: yeah i think they still would look good! x

SOS! said...

i love love love wearing glasses.. i used to be one of those kids who had a patch and massive glasses and then my eyes were fixed. oh how i wish i didnt have to wear pretend ones.. the chanel ones are lovely! i tend to wear just massive black plastic frame ones...
Peace out,
SOS-er fi xx

eshda3wa said...

i love my glasses and rarely wear lenses

googler said...