Sunday, January 4, 2009

On Gaza - updates:

"Israeli ground troops have started to enter the Gaza Strip, Israeli military officials have confirmed, a week after the offensive against Hamas began.

Correspondents say the Israeli military has destroyed a number of mosques since it began its Gaza campaign a week ago.

More than 200 people had been inside the Ibrahim al-Maqadna mosque for evening prayers when it was struck.

The UN has warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis, and believes 25% of more than 400 Palestinians killed by Israel so far were civilians. Four Israelis have been killed by rocket fire from Gaza.

President Bush, however, blamed the violence firmly on Hamas."


As you can see, the situation is escalating and people are being killed by the masses. A ceasefire doesn't seem to be part of the Israeli-American plans..

A campaign to help collect supplies (personal hygiene, medical supplies, tents, blankets, canned food, clothes...) has been launched in City Center (deirah, sharjah, ajman) and in MOE till Jan 11th..

Spread the word..

And remember, every little thing counts..

- to waking up and smelling the truth..


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


wallah this makes me sad...

i try not to watch the news anymore 3shan i dont get depressed =\

Fastidious Babe said...

i know.. me too.. i kinda avoid it as much as i can.. but the reality of the situation is.. this is happening..

the bombing mosques part really pissed me off..

what the fuck is wrong with everyone.. how can they see this and not do something about it..

a7la said...

i don't like that arabs aren't doing anything about it :no: AND for some reason I feel like blaming hosny mbarak :@

moi said...

:(:( 7esbeyalla 3lehom

MoneyBonanza said...


Stand-Alone~ said...

ya sub7an allah... mako '9ameer these days.. "President Bush, however, blamed the violence firmly on Hamas".. I really wanted to understand where the violence is and on which side.. 400 vs 4 people who got killed!

Plus the bombing helpless people in the mosque.. *sigh*

Unruhe said...

I think the Bush-shoe-toss incident is also a reminder that he oughta stick his foot in his mouth more often.

Though I wish more can be done to help the victims, a little effort as least is better than no effort at all.

Fastidious Babe said...

a7la: blame everyone..

moi :(

Stand Alone: i know.. we can only watch the world do nothing about this genocide.. sad indeed. alla y3eenhm

Unruhe: theres an online petition u might want to sign..

Emaratioryx said...

This is the biggest war in 60 years.. Allah ybard gloobhom wo y9abrhom

Rude Lovers said...
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Fastidious Babe said...

Emaratioryx: alla y3eenhm..