Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where everything stands...

The situation in Gaza is still escalating into a full blown humanitarian crisis..

GAZA (Reuters) - Israel and Hamas studied a proposal by Egypt for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday that won immediate backing from the United States and Europe, hours after Israeli shells killed 42 Palestinians at a UN school .

Check out the maps above from The Independent .

- to someone doing the right thing.. anyone!


Mi said...

I saw this mind map last night, and sensed some bias in it, at the part "What motivates Hamas' attacks" three points mentioned are:

-Hamas wants to replace Israel with Palestinian Islamic State

--> Instead of writing "Hamas wants Palestine back from Israel", or "Hamas wants to replace Zionist Jewish Israel with an Arab Muslim Palestine"

-Hopes fighting against Israel will boost its political standing

--> Hamas is in fact the elected party by Palestinians and all Palestinian resistance groups support each other.

-Economic Blockade ended hamas' hopes of ruling Gaza

--> The blockade wasn't just economic, it was literally a "block aid" for medicine and food supplies. & like all Hamas wants in the world is to rule "Gaza". read here about the seige.

Fastidious Babe said...

Mi: its true, there might be an element of bias.. But what I liked about it is that it does give u both sides of the story.. As opposed to articles focusing on one perspective. What I found interesting is that on the humanitarian crisis part, they mentioned all the losses in gaza and on the other hand (no crisis) they had: israel pm says so.. Which to me reflects how Israel is consistently trying to influence ppl into thinking they are not doing anything wrong..

eshda3wa said...

allah y3eenhum

nyxxie said...

Allah yakhthel elyehood. So their now bombing in the Rafah area.. asked all palestinians to evacuate.. plz tell me why should they? so that the israelis can get in and repeat history, 1948? la wallah abraklehum ytemoon fe byoot'hum w ymootoon shuhadaa w b3ezza.. Allahumma ej3al tadbeer alyhood tadmeeeeeeeeeerhum ya rab!

Fastidious Babe said...


David said...

Fastidious Babe, many thanks for embedding the Gaza map and for articulating our aims so clearly.

Mi, thank you for your very helpful feedback. During the first phase of the map building process we have been trying to reflect the arguments that people have been making in their own words. As the map matures one of our aims is to start restating the arguments in ways that strip out implicit bias wherever it is practical to do so. It's an important and significant challenge (and any further suggestions or direct contributions to the map will be very welcome).